Budapest Guide – my favorite places!

img_0113Budapest is really a place that grows on me every time I visit. I keep discovering new places and I have collected some of my favorite spots for you here. I have divided the post into Pest and Buda – side and it is just a random collection of my favorite places.


One street you have to walk down is Kazinczy Utca.

img_3998Szimpla Design Shop

Kazincazy u. 14

If you like to bring home small unic, antic and cult things – this little shop is the place. And if you walk in to the bottom of the shop – you will find a door that will bring you to the magical place Szimpla Kertmozi – which is my next spotimg_4016

Szimpla Kertmozi

Kazinczu u. 14

Szimpla Kertmozi is the first and most famous “ruin pub” in Budapest. It’s like walking in to a farytale and there is so many different rooms and crazy areas. The nightlife here is really worth a visit and every sunday there is a lovely farmers market with food and life music. img_4017img_4018

Szimpla Háztáji

Kazinczy u. 7, 1075 Budapest

A little café with homemade cakes, smoothies, coofees and tea. Very cute.img_4015


Kazinczy utca 9

Just lovely and very tasty authentic asian cuisine.



Kazinczy Street 18, Karavan Court

This is the last spot on Kazinczy Street that I will mention and I love this place! Specially in the summer. I can recommend the “Vegan Carrot Burger” from Las Vegans – they even make them glutenfree! YAY!! So tasty. Try it together with their homemade lemonade.img_0231


Nagy Diófa utca 30, 1072 Budapest

A little cute café with books all around you. I like to sit here and work.img_4014


Kazinczy utca 41, 1075 Budapest

This place is so cool I really like to chill here with friends. They also have a restaurant and the food is excellent – they do glutenfree bread here as well. YAY!  In the evening its open for drinks and music. Feels a little bit like “Christiania” in Copenhagen. img_9989img_0039


Rumbach Sebestyen Utca 15, 1075 Budapest

I don’t really do a lot of shopping when I’m here but this is one of the vintage stores I always visit.img_0235DRESSING ROOM

SimUtca 24, 1075 Budapest

This vintage store is very cheap I found some amazing jumpsuits here and silkshirts. img_0236


Anker Köz 2 , 1061 Budapest

This is the biggest vintage and design store in Budapest. It is open Monday to Friday from 11 – 21 and Saturday from 11 – 20. I have really found some good pieces here. 



Paulay ede 61 – 63

A lovely little shop where you can be very very lucky. The lady who owns it is so kind and every day at 16.00 her son and husband plays music in the store. So cute and atmospheric. img_0500


Dob Utca 25, 1075 Budapest

A lovely place for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, party and wine. There is no outdoor area but they do glutenfree bread haha…You might have guessed that this is a huge bonus for me.img_0234


Petofi S’andor utca 10, 1052 Budapest / Monday – Friday : 9am – 19pm / Saturday : 10am – 17pm

This is the only superfood and healthy takeaway I have found. Please let me know if you know others? Here you can get green juices, smoothie bowls, healthy cakes and salads. img_0036


Káldy gyula u. 7, 1061 Budapest

Tasty rawfood cakes and nicecream if you like me need to avoid milk, sugar and gluten but loooove sweets. It is a very loely little “Venice beach kind of place”. Just so lovely!img_0488


Március 15. Tér 4. 1052 Budapest / Monday – Sunday : 12 pm – 1 am / #kioskbudapest

This amazing Restaurant & Bar is one of my absolut favorit places here. It is so lovely to sit outside and the room inside is so so beautiful.  In front of the restaurant there is another lovely cafe where you can chill on the grass on sandbags and eat your food in the shade of small trees. img_0038

360 BAR

Andrássy út 39

This rooftop bar is also a must. So cool in the afternoon or evening with colorful lamps and dj. Or during the day if you want to see the whole city from above. There is not so much food to choose from so it is more a place for drinks. The street Andrássy is the street with all the expensive designer shops and it is a beautiful walk to the Varosliget Park and the Széchenyi Bath. img_0040


The thermal baths are of cause a MUST. Specially if you visit in the winter. There is nothing better after walking around the city and end the day in one of the thermal baths. The water is naturally heated from natural springs all year around. Szechenyi has the most stunning outdoor area. But avoid going to any of the baths on weekends (if you can) because its very crowded. If you only have the weekend – do it anyway. It is so special.2-1-2


Antall József rakpart 1. Budapest

I love this beautiful urban hideaway and “beach like” cafe. The perfect place to spend the afternoon, enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.  On weekends there is sometimes disco, life music and moon light parties. It feels so exotic. go go go… daytime is also good.2-2


Buda-side is stunning and the place to go for beautiful walks. There is almost no shops and also not that many restaurants here. However I have mentioned a few pearls.



Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Budapest

The Gellert thermal bath is definitely the one with the most amazing indoor area. It is so stunningly detailed and colorful. But it also has a beautiful outdoor pool. I love this place it is so romantic. Remember to try the steam rooms – they are sooooo good. 2-2


Döbrentei tér 9

Rudas is the most magical of the baths with the rooftop terrace and the indoor pools with sunlight coming through the antic ceilings. The bath also has a complex physiotherapeutic section, as well as a drinking hall, offering drinking cures from three water springs: Hungária, Attila and Juventus. The water from the springs should be very very healthy. But be aware that they sometimes have men or women only – days. 2-3


Bartok Bela Ut 9, 1114 Budapest

Perfect vegan fastfood… I don’t know about you but I always get sooo hungry after a bath and a swim – and I always feel like junk haha. This place is walking distance from both Rudas and Gellert. And it is perfekt almost “healthy” junk. img_0303


(Déryné Bisztró) Krisztina ter 10, 1013 Budapest

You have to come here for a romantic dinner or a lovely friend date! It is so atmospheric. Especially inside. The food is brilliant and it all feels so french, like a place in Monmartre. I have only been here once and unfortunately it was too dark to take good pictures inside, but this is definitely a place I have to come back to. So cosy with life music and everything. I think it’s best in the evening because of the atmosphere – but I don’t know. 



Walk to the “Statue of Liberty of Budapest” on the mountain Gellért. I can recommend you do this in the evening. And plan it so you end the walk on the top just in time to watch sunset and the whole city turning pink. But walk down again before it gets too dark because their is no light on the trails. 


This was some of my favorite places in Budapest – but as I said I keep discovering new places. Please feel free to contribute with your favorite places in a comment.

I have also made a Notting Hill Guide if you are going to London any time soon. Find it here.

Lots of love from Mia


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