Hi I’m Mia Jexen,

I’m an danish artist.

My definition of art is using everything inside you and around you to create.

Being an artist is a way of finding out who you really are and a way of coping with life and everything around you. I can’t help but doing this. I can’t escape the urge to create.

I paint when I’m filled to be emptied again. I sing and write music, so nothing is wasted or in vain. I dance and do yoga to restart my brain. I draw all my feelings or write with my penn. I dream and philosophize what life and existence will bring, and it stills my curiosity when I’m acting.

I work as an actress, art director, artist, musician and yoga teacher. And I love it all.

The only thing that can stop me from doing this, is when I’m too ill to perform.

I’m diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, which causes diarrhea mixed with blood, a lot of pain, fever and a state of chronic illness. And unfortunately when you have a disease of the intestines it affects your entire immune system, which is another huge challenge.

Therefore I am experimenting every single day on how to help my body recuperate and how to stay happy so I can be the person I really am.

For several years I have experimented and explored how to have a healthy lifestyle without missing out, which can be a huge challenge when you love parties and cakes! 

But I find new solutions everyday and I’m dying to share them.

MIMOMIMO is a creative lifestyle blog where I wish to make it attractive and easy to live happy and healthy.